All the Reasons Why Your Fifth Standard Student Isn’t Performing Well in School

Your child is exposed to a lot of new concepts as they enter Class 5. Some are quick to adapt, while others may struggle to keep up with the new and relatively advanced pace. The latter may seem troubled with studies as their grades continue to slip and they get poor teachers’ feedback.

Before you begin the blame game, take a deeper look at the situation to understand the root cause of why your child may be struggling. Once you have the cause figured out, you can also provide them with support and a proper solution to the problem.

Here are all the reasons why your Class 5 student may be struggling in school.

Doesn’t Ask Questions

When a student has any confusion or doesn’t know how to go about schoolwork, they should always ask questions in class. Some children are shy or have a fear of public speaking and don’t like being under scrutiny by their teachers and peers. As a result, they never really get their problems resolved.

Your Class 5 student may be suffering from the same issue as they fail to ask questions in class. It keeps getting worse until the grades start reflecting it as well.

Doesn’t Get Individual Attention

Traditional school systems have one teacher for many students. It’s understandable why each student can’t possibly get individual attention from the teacher. Since every student understands at a different pace, your child may be falling behind due to a lack of individual attention.

In this case, they may not understand the subject matter properly and face trouble understanding basic concepts.

Lost Interest in Studies

Your child can simply lose interest in studies as well. This is especially true if they’re heavily involved in extracurricular activities and don’t spend enough time thinking about their schoolwork. This is often a major cause of reduced or lost focus, and it can quickly translate into poor performance in school.

Additionally, it may also be worthwhile to investigate whether your child is undergoing any psychological issues as well. This is especially true for a sudden drop in interest as it may be caused by a possibly troubling event in your child’s life.

Lack of Motivation

Studies show that children respond more to extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. Many children lack the motivation to excel in their studies because they often don’t see any real reason to do well in school. This is because they’re never quite rewarded for excelling. In these circumstances, the children end up losing the motivation to do better and work hard.

This is especially true for children who don’t get enough support or interest at home. They end up feeling demotivated, and their grades reflect it too.

Attention Deficit

Many children have a short attention span. They can’t seem to concentrate in class or when studying for exams. These children tend to suffer more than others because they can’t seem to work on their own. They may also need extra individual attention to keep up with their peers’ pace.

You can get your child evaluated by a psychologist to see if they suffer from conditions like ADHD. If they do, you must find ways to support them and provide them with all the extra help they may need.

Insufficient Revision

Revision is an important part of retention and understanding concepts and theories. Many children don’t revise their course material enough to gain a stronger grasp on the subject matter. As a result, they often struggle to keep up with their classmates, and their grades also suffer.

Not Enough Study Time

Every child must spend some time studying outside the classroom. Most children tend to ignore the importance of this study time and are more likely to suffer. There should be a part of the day that’s solely dedicated to self-study so that the child can revisit all the concepts learned earlier

This study time should also be free of distractions so that the child can focus entirely on studies and work to bring their grades up.

Unfinished Assignments

Some children also require homework help to get done with their assignments. If your child is not finishing their assignments and is missing deadlines regularly, it’s a cause of worry. Assignments are aimed at reiterating and revising the concepts studied in class. If your child isn’t doing them properly, it’s likely to result in their poor overall performance in school.

Find Practice Worksheets Online for Your Child

It’s natural to be upset and worried for your fifth standard student if they’re not doing well in school. Before you begin the blame game, try to empathize with your child and offer them support to get out of the rut. Rest assured, all of the problems mentioned above can easily be solved with proper revision and practicing high quality worksheets available online for your child.

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