Why Us?

Up-skool presents a revolutionary online learning platform that offers comprehensive national curriculum. It has a friendly adaptable feature for children and it is an advanced way of E-learning.

  • Advanced and pioneering way of E-learning platform.
  • Adapts to each student’s individual learning pace.
  • Provides instant and detailed feedback based on student response.
  • Helps students discover the why behind the subject.
  • Offers engaging participation to ensure progress of real learning.

Why choose our program?


Grow confident in the direction of your dream

Fun Learning

They know a lot ,who know how to learn.

excel in class

Always a step ahead, turning ideas into innovation.


Growth inside fuels growth

We Make Math Fun !!!!

M: Memory
A: Accuracy
T: Talent
H: Hard Work
-Mathematics gives us hope that every problem has a solution!

Comprehensive Math

From the Home

Improve confidence

Extensive Knowledge Base For A Child

A child’s knowledge base also affects the way a child thinks. This background knowledge influences the child’s information processing,, memory, classification, Problem solving , Language acquisition ,reading and Math learning strategies.

Your Child’s Success Is Our Mission!

Success is being the best version of yourself. You do the best in whatever you try and the key to this success is practice and persistence. We strongly  believe that every worksheet practice is a learning process .Practice creates confidence and confidence empowers you.

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Mother of Keshav (class 1)

"A big shout out to Up-skool ! Thank you for getting my 4 years old son Keshav interested in counting. He loves it."


Mother of Vaishnavi (class 2)

"Just in few weeks, we noticed improvement in Vaishnavi’s math skill and interest. She loves collecting badges with up-score her progress in school is encouraging as well."


Father of Kushal (class 3)

"Kushal loves practicing Math on his tablet. This is the best use of his screen time."


Mother of Megha and Aayushi (class KG)

"Up-skool makes math practice fun. My 5 year old twins spends hours without realizing he is studying .I recommend it to all kids who are in pre-school."


Mother of Oishani (class 3)

"Amazing! Simply amazing set of questions to work with. My daughter loves solving the questions and loves collecting badges."


Mother of Harsh (class 4)

"Very helpful set of questions, covering the ICSE , CBSE & State board math syllabus.Up-skool helped in improving his grades in maths and enhanced his e-learning skills."