Why Us

Up-Skool provides unique program that offers comprehensive math curriculum that’s aligned with your child’s standard or class. It is user friendly, fun and engaging for children and employs modern methods of learning through technology.

Up-skool presents a revolutionary online learning platform that offers comprehensive national curriculum. It has a friendly adaptable feature for children and it is an advanced way of E-learning.

  • Adapts to each student's individual learning pace.
  • Provides instant and detailed feedback based on student response.
  • Helps students discover the why behind subject.
  • Offers inquiry based learning to ensure progress on the basis of real learning.

We make math fun!!!!

M: Memory A: Accuracy T: Talent H: Hardwork
Mathematics gives us hope that every problem has a solution!

Our adaptive AI offers questions based on your child’s ability o grasp the concept.

Why choose our program?

Taking care of your child

Extensive knowledge base for a child

A child's background knowledge, or knowledge base, also affects the way a child thinks. This background knowledge influences the child's information processing, memory, classification, problem solving, language acquisition, and reading and mathematics learning.

Comprehensive Math

From the Home

Improve confidence

Trusted method

Your child’s success is our mission!

Success is being the best version of yourself. You do your best in whatever you try and the key to this success is practise and persistence.We strongly believe that every practice is a learning process. Practice creates confidence and confidence empowers you.

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